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Honke Heating &
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Honke Heating &
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Selecting Your Home Furnace in Line with Evolving Industry Guidelines

Honke-Heating-ServiceThe US Department of Energy is currently building a framework for ensuring that American homeowners integrate only furnace systems that provide them with the highest level of efficiency available with current technology. Homeowners must now ensure that the systems they integrate within their property represent the highest levels of efficiency in order to meet future guidelines to be released by the US Department of Energy.

In order to ensure compliance with future changes in policy, homeowners must contact local area HVAC specialists to learn more about available furnace options.

Lennox-Heat PumpWhen speaking with a local area heating and air conditioning specialist about your home furnace requirements, the Honke’s technical staff will examine several key environmental factors and help homeowners to answer the following questions:
Which fuel type is best? Which high efficient furnaces the best choice for you? What is the correct size furnace for your home or business?

Fuel type

The furnace’s fuel type is largely dependent on location. For those living in the Portland metro area that natural gas might not be a viable option to select as a fuel type. Gas or heat pump furnaces each offer unique advantages that must be considered.


Efficiency is the key consideration for most homeowners. The efficiency of a unit will dictate how much homeowners pay over that product’s lifetime. The current minimum efficiency level for furnaces sold on the commercial market is upto 98%. Those reviewing the market options should always look for the Energy Star® label when reviewing equipment. This label tells the buyer that the product exceeds industry efficiency guidelines.


Correct furnace sizing plays an important role in getting the most out of your furnace. Furnaces that are too small will not fully heat the entire property, but systems that are too big will cycle too quickly and cost the homeowner more to operate the heating system. The best way to find a perfectly sized system for any home is contact us using our form or give us a call at 503-666-3725 in the Portland Metro area. If you live in the Hood River area, call 541-386-0018 for consultation. The heating contractor will be able to analyze how much heat the property requires and then provide precise furnace based on those calculations

Trust the industry experts to help you find the ideal furnace for your home or business. As the industry evolves, the onus is increasingly placed on home or property owners to locate specialist resources that will help them make the right choice for their home or business heating.

Contact an expert today to begin your furnace search.


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