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Honke Heating &
Air Conditioning

"Comfort You Can Trust"

Honke Heating &
Air Conditioning

"Comfort You Can Trust"

Honke Heating &
Air Conditioning

"Comfort You Can Trust"

Energy Trust Trade Ally of Oregon

Honke Heating & Air Conditioning is an Energy Trust Trade Ally contractor. We have received additional training from Energy Trust. Honke Heating & Air Conditioning is trained and qualified to help you complete your cash incentive applications. We are on the front lines of offering energy-efficiency and renewable energy services and products to help you use energy wisely. As a Trade Ally, Honke Air is up-to-date on the latest Energy Trust standards, quality control requirements, and incentives.

Choosing a qualified contractor is a key step in making your energy efficiency or renewable energy project a success, whether you are renovating a historic home, building a new office space or upgrading your heating and cooling system. Hiring a contractor unfamiliar with the requirements of your job or working with an unlicensed installer can lead to a number of problems. Honke Heating and Air Conditioning is a Trade Ally with the resources to repair, maintain, or install your heating and air conditioning systems.

Technical expertise and certification – Honke Heating & Air Conditioning technicians can select the right equipment for your home, install it properly and keep it in good working order. Our technicians are certified through North American Technician Excellence (NATE), the only national testing program accepted by the entire industry. Using Honke Heating & Air Conditioning, NATE certified technician means:

  • proper installation and maintenance
  • repairs done right the first time
  • equipment that runs at peak efficiency

NW Natural Spring Special Offer

From air conditioning and heating installer certifications to residential and light commercial maintenance, NATE techs are the best in the business, rely on our team of NATE certified technicians.

Honke Heating & Air Conditioning is a NW Preferred Contractor. NW Natural established a Preferred Contractors Alliance for furnace upgrades and conversions. The Alliance provides customers with highly qualified natural gas equipment contractors capable of inspecting, installing, and repairing your equipment. NW preferred furnace contractors have met quality assurance standards established by NW Natural. NW Preferred Contractors are licensed, bonded, insured, and recommended by NW Natural.

Honke Heating and Air Conditioning has been serving the Portland residential community for over four decades. We are proud of our dedication, quality and efficiency. A top notch PGE approved contractor, Honke Heating is committed to delivering excellence – from proposals and inspections, all the way to installations and repairs, you can expect the finest service and professionalism from us.

An Energy Trust Trade Ally, NW Preferred and PGE Approved Contractor and NATE certified, you can rely on the Honke Heating & Air Conditioning team to keep your Heating and Air Conditioning systems in tip-top shape.

Don’t take a chance when it comes to safety and comfort. Hire a competent team of Energy Trust Ally Contractors with the right training and skills. Contact Honke Heating and Air Conditioning in Portland today. Call us at (503) 666-3725 or fill out our online form.

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